Evidence for Life After Death in 30 seconds

If you knew for sure there was life after death, how would that change your life here and now?  If we had real evidence for life after death it would be life-changing.  Most people, however, don’t realize that we actually do…

For at least 25 years I have asked people from around the world a few basic questions.  First, do you believe in Heaven?  Ninety-nine percent of people say they believe in Heaven.  This is good news for Christians who desire to share the gospel with others.  Realizing the majority of people today believe in Heaven is a great launching pad to get into spiritual conversations.  When you ask someone if they believe in Heaven (and again most say they do) the next question to ask is, “How do you hope to get there?” 

I also have asked people over the last couple of decades that since they believe in life after death or Heaven, is there any evidence for it?  And surprisingly, Ninety-nine percent of people say “No”.  So, my research shows ninety-nine percent of people believe in Heaven, but ninety-nine percent of people say there is no evidence for Heaven.  Very interesting.

After someone says there is no evidence for life after death, I’ll say, “If I gave you evidence for life after death in less than 30 seconds would you listen to me?”  Amazingly, 100% of people over the years all say “yes”.  I have never had one person in the thousands of spiritual conversations I’ve had say “No, I don’t want evidence for life after death.”  This says something about our deep-seated desires as humans to want to know the meaning of life.  So how do you give evidence for life-after-death in less than 30 seconds?  This is what I say. 

The story of Christianity is God came down to earth in the person of Jesus Christ.  Jesus claimed to be God and did many miracles to back up his claim of Deity; He changed water into wine, rose from the dead, cast out demons and even walked on water.  Some believed, others didn’t.  Jesus was eventually killed on a cross.  Three days later the tomb of Jesus was empty.  Soon Jesus appeared to his friends over a period of forty days.  Jesus is alive and came back to life and showed his nail scarred-hands!  Amazing!

Usually, I can say this in 30 seconds. If this story is true, what does it prove?  If Jesus was dead and came back to life, it would be historical evidence for life-after-death!  Think about that for a moment.  The belief of the afterlife is simply a belief.  Heaven is based on faith.  However, Jesus was a real historical figure.  Jesus really lived.  Jesus really died.  The tomb of Jesus was found empty.  And, Jesus’ followers saw him and touched him over a period of forty days.  The early Christians were so moved by these events they spread the good news all over the world. And, many died for the belief Jesus had risen from dead.  Why?  The moment Jesus rose from the dead the realization of life after death no longer becomes a matter of faith or experience, but one of historical reality.  So powerful is this reality that Christians for 2,000 years have spread this good news all over the world.  Why is this truly good news?

·         Jesus’ resurrection provides evidence for life after death.

·         Life after death is no longer based on faith, but faith in a real historical event.

·         The supernatural exists.

·         Jesus’s resurrection provides evidence God exists.

·         Jesus’s resurrection gives practical evidence Jesus is this God who created life.

·         If Jesus has power over death, He is the source of salvation

·         And lastly, ten out of ten people die.  Since Jesus is stronger than death, follow Him!

Most people believe in life-after-death. Is it faith?  Yes.  However, because Jesus rose from the dead there is now evidence for life-after-death.  Does the story of Christianity need faith?  Yes, however, it is not just faith, or blind faith, but faith based on good solid historical evidence.  Is there evidence for life after death?  If Jesus, died and came back to life, then the answer is an outstanding “yes!”  And you can share this good news with someone in 30 seconds. 

Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life.  The one who believes in me even if he dies, will live…do you believe this?”  John 11:25


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